An educational Microprocessor KITE-1 in hardware Description Language

Exersice the embedded system design with KITE-1 and CUI based video module on ATLYS board.

Goal of this exercise

Understand a microprocessor and its system design. Let's try to develop the embedded system with processor and CUI based display controller.

Table of contents
  1. Educational microprocesor KITE-1 in Verilog HDL
    1. 16-bit ALU design
    2. Register design
    3. Decoder & sequencer desin
    4. Top module design
    5. Functional simulation of processor part

  2. The embedded system design with KITE-1 and CUI based display controller
    1. KITE-1 with multiplexer type buses
    2. KITE-1 for ATLYS board
    3. Memory mudule design
    4. CUI module design
    5. Font data
    6. Simulation for CUI module
    7. DVI encoder module
    8. Test program (Conway's game of LIFE)
    9. Functional simulation of integrated modules
    10. Implementation process

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